Family Dances

Tell your friends about our Family Dances, which we offer on the third Saturday of every month, starting at 6:30.down the center

family dance is over 40 minutes of completely fun and simple dances. Small children, larger children, teens, adults and older adults — dancers of all levels of experience levels and ability — dance joyfully together.

Family dancing is a way to start out safely and merrily if you have never danced before. It allows accomplished dancers to experience reconnecting with much of the joy and energy that dancing has to offer. It’s also a chance for any musician, large or small, to join our All Comers Band. Musicians of any age are welcome to join. Bring your shakers, or clarinet, or banjo, or autoharp, or whatever you have! Want to practice in advance? You can try out some of the tunes and medleys you’ll find here in our All Comers Repertoire document. We always bring copies to the family dance as well.

How it works

Family dancing starts promptly at 6:30. The band tunes up, and the caller presents a program of silly, simple and satisfying dances for your dancing pleasure. The pricing is family-friendly as well. Family dancing is followed by a short break for snacks or socializing while the sound check is completed for the evening’s featured band. Then our regular evening dancing begins as usual at 7:30. Family dance participants of any age are welcome to stay for the regular dance — and if you decide to stay the family dance admission is free!