Dance Gatherings

Syracuse Country Dancers Dance Gatherings are open-to-all get-togethers that happen on Sunday afternoons from 2:00-4:00 (with no scheduled break). The idea is loosely related to our once-a-year callers gatherings. Gatherings allow callers, musicians and dancers from our region to try out new ideas, build skills, or just have a lot of fun. Whoever comes creates the dance, and we all learn from and enjoy dancing with one another.

Who’s the caller?
Anyone who comes is welcome to call. (Hey, it’s a gathering!) At least one caller commits to showing up to make sure someone is there who can teach and lead dances.

Who plays music?
Anyone who comes is welcome to play music. (Hey, it’s a gathering!) We also bring plenty of recorded music, so that we can still dance if no one shows up with an instrument.

Who dances?
Anyone who comes is welcome to dance. (Hey, it’s a gathering!) We’ve had successful and fun gatherings with a full hall, and at least one on a snowy day when only four people showed up. They all had a great time and continue to come.

Who chooses the dances?
You guessed it. Anyone who comes is welcome to suggest a dance. (Hey, it’s a gathering!) We sometimes talk about what we like (or don’t like) about a dance after trying it out. Sometimes we agree to dance it second time!

What kind of dancing do we do?
On the third weekend of every month (when the Saturday night dance is contra) we have an English country dance gathering. Contra gatherings might also occur from time to time.

What does it cost?
We suggest $5. Like all of our events, you are welcome to pay what you can. The money collected at gatherings pays for the hall. Musicians and callers who come generously volunteer their time.