Things to do until dancing starts up again

Getting together to dance is not a good idea while the covid-19 virus is spreading, and we have hit the pause button on our dances.

BUT… while you are hanging out at home, there are dance-related things you can do! Below is a list of some ideas for (mostly online) activities to bridge the gap until we can meet face-to-face and dance together again.

  • If you are on Facebook, consider joining the “Social Disdance” group
  • Dance in your living room! The Carolina English Country Dancers have put up a page of English dances “skillfully created and generously shared for such a time as this: Some are for one, some are for more dancers for those with partners at home.”
  • A sampling of lIvestream music on Facebook (Go searching for more):
    • Morning ECD: Debbie Jackson (scroll through her page) interprets a different English country dance tune each morning
  • Not your grandmother’s Chorus Jig (Rochester, NY, with Sarah VanNorstrand, Tim Ball and Andrew VanNorstrand)
  • While we’re thinking about the contra chestnuts, have you followed all the links on David Smukler‘s “Bring Back Moneymusk” page?
  • Go to the Pete’s Posse Facebook page. They are having their 2nd Livestream Quarantine concert on March 26 at 8:00 PM.
  • Bob Nicholson calling the English country dance Trip to Provence at the Binghamton Ball
  • Eileen Kalfass, fiddling some favorite jigs for your pleasure on the Syracuse Country Dancers’ Facebook page
  • The late Ralph Sweet calling The Auctioneer.
  • Not exactly dance related, but we couldn’t resist this video montage of Berklee Music students. Could this be a singing square?
  • Hey, why not call up a dance friend and do a little catching up!
  • Or, write to us with ideas for other links to go here — or you thoughts about how to make our dances even better once we start up again.

Please note: Many of these ideas happen at a particular time, and so links may be out of date. If you know about an event you’d like us to share, send it to us!