Syracuse Country Dancers

TWO Special Weekends this Fall…

  1. THIS WEEKEND! September 4-5: Magical Maivish Happy Ending to Summer Weekend. Friday night, Maivish Duo with Angela DeCarlis; Saturday afternoon and evening, “Double” English (experienced dancing in the afternoon; dancing for all in the evening) with Happy Endings.
  2. October 16-17: Our 18th annual and very delightful Phylla Mae Fall Fest, with Kathy AndersonPete’s Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon & Tristan Henderson); and Laurie Hart, Autumn Rose Lester & Tim Ball. Two big evening contra dances, plus sessions of English country dance, square dance, and more — amazing fun!. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN.

Contra Dancing & English Country Dancing in Syracuse, NY

Welcome to our website! We hope you will also join us at one of our contra dances or English country dances. Every dance has live music and a caller who teaches each dance sequence. It’s fine to come with or without a partner.  New dancers are always welcome, and if you’re an old hand, you already know how much fun it can be. If you have not danced before, we encourage you to come at the beginning of the dance to get the most out of the teaching, and be prepared to smile a lot!

What is contra dancing, and what is English country dancing?
If you’re new to this, check out our description of contra dancing, and/or this description of English country dancing.  (Hint: they’re not country line dancing.)

Where are the dances?
Usually at the United Church of Fayetteville. We occasionally have special events at Madison Hall in Morrisville.  And from time to time we will hold a dance at another location. Don’t have a car? Use our Facebook page to set up a ride-share with another dancer. Ride-share drivers, ask for your $2 “go green” price reduction!

When are the dances?
Almost every weekend on either Saturday or Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 PM.  Our current schedule is always listed on the right and on the upcoming dances page.  Sign up for our email list (on the right) to receive weekly reminders about our dances.  Here is our usual monthly schedule, but there are sometimes exceptions so please check before traveling.

A Typical Month
1st Weekend Saturday Contra dance
2nd Weekend Friday Contra dance
3rd Weekend Saturday English country dance
4th Weekend Friday Anything Goes dance (could be contra, English, or a special mix; we let you know in the schedule)
5th Weekend Saturday or Friday Occasional special events

How much is admission?
Admission to our regular dances is $7, $10-$15 for supporters, $5/each group rate or for people with limited income, or you are welcome to pay what you can to attend. Admission is higher for occasional special dance events, such as our annual Contra Prom and annual Phylla Mae Fall Fest (pronounced, “Fill-a May”). Your admission pays the callers, the bands, and expenses like rent, insurance, etc. Volunteers do all the other work involved in putting on our dances.

What should I wear to a dance?
Go for comfortable, informal clothes. It’s best to avoid colognes and perfumes. And, to help us protect the wood floors, please bring soft-soled, grit-free shoes. (Avoid flip flops and high heels.) Don’t feel you need to purchase special dance shoes; sneakers work fine and there is a brush at the dance to clean your street shoes if necessary.

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We are an affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society. You can become a CDSS member for as little as $25.

See our FAQ page for more answers to your questions.

Contact Information
Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.