We are the go-to organization for contra dancing and English country dancing in and around Syracuse, NY. These are multi-generational, participatory dances that are part of a very cool and ever-evolving living tradition. What makes our events so enjoyable is participation from YOU, as a dancer and/or volunteer (we are an all-volunteer group).

All our dances have live music and a caller who teaches you everything you need to know to dance. Dancers of all experience levels come to our dances, and there’s no need to bring a partner to attend. If you come 20-30 minutes early and let our greeter know, someone will be happy to run you through a few basics before the dance begins.

If you have never done this sort of dancing before, expect to smile. A lot! All evening!

Our current schedule is:

  • Contra dances every 1st and 3rd Saturday
  • English country dancing on the Friday between
  • Several special events throughout the year, including some with dress-up opportunities

Occasionally we cancel a dance to support another special dance opportunity in our region. Check this website or subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on schedule specifics.

Syracuse Country Dancers is proud to be an affiliate of The Country Dance and Song Society, which is an umbrella organization that supports participatory dance, music, and song traditions like ours with grants, technical support, programming and more. CDSS has been around since 1915, and it is fair to say that we would not be dancing as we do if it were not for CDSS. Check out their amazing website, and avail yourself of their resources and programs. Consider contributing to CDSS or become a member. It’s a great way to support the traditions we love.