How to Volunteer

Thanks for checking out our volunteer page. Since we are an all-volunteer organization, we appreciate any and all help.

Here are some of the many ways people help. Do any appeal to you?

  1. Lots of dancers bring snacks to share.
  2. Dancers often purposely arrive early and help set up — chairs always need to be put out and the floor swept. Someone will be glad to tell you what else needs to be done. We have a list.
  3. Others stay after the dance and help clean up. The kitchen needs to be tidied, the chairs put away, etc.
  4. Like to decorate? We can put you on the list for special events.
  5. Can you occasionally host out of town performers or dancers? Offering hospitality is a wonderful way to learn a bit more about some amazing people.
  6. Would you like to help with publicity or the website or take photos or some other way not listed? Perhaps you have an idea we haven’t yet thought of!
  7. Volunteers also set up and run our sound system. If you think you would like to learn how to do this, let us know. We’re always looking for more people to do sound.

How to Volunteer:

Simply offering to help before or after a dance can happen very informally. You do not have to be on anyone’s list to bring a snack or help to sweep the floor. However, we do have a Volunteer Coordinator whose role it is to make sure that important tasks get done. The coordinator maintains a list of people willing to be asked if they are available for various tasks. Typically an email call goes out a week or two before each dance (or sooner for big special events). If you think you might be interested in being on this list, ask about it at any dance, or send email to to inquire.

Your time commitment for any volunteer task is always up to you. And volunteering is great. Volunteers have the satisfaction of supporting an activity they love, as well as getting more insight into the inner workings of the dance community.