Bands and Callers

Bands and callers from our region that you might see performing at our dances.

Regional Callers

Carmen Giunta
Bob Nicholson
David Smukler
Sarah VanNorstrand
Ted Crane
Pamela Goddard
Katy Heine
Nancy Spero
Bob Fabinski
Margaret Mathews
Richard Sauvain
Dan Seppeler

Regional Bands

Band combinations change often, and some of this information may not be up to date…

Mike Hoeschele (fiddle), Chris DeGolyer (piano), Silvia Sörensen (flute), Fred Filbrich (bass)

Tim Ball (fiddle), Roberta Truscello (piano)

Nadine Dyskant-Miller (flute, foot percussion), Barbara Dyskant (keyboards)

Crooked Sixpence
Kathy Selby (fiddle), Gordon Bonnet (flute), John Wobus (piano)

Doc and the Snake Oil String Band
Dick Bolt, Marie Brate, Dan Palmer, Ted Sherwood

Eric Rounds and Friends
Eric Rounds, Mark Henry, Bob Henrie and Friends

Esteemed Clams
Kathy Vandemortel (fiddle), Stephen Bland (banjo), Fred Filbrich (bass)

Jane Knoeck (piano), Rachel Bell (accordion), and Tim Ball (fiddle)

Don Hughes (piano), Keith Hunt (fiddle), Judy Hunt (concertina), Zeke Smukler (mandolin, banjo), Susanne Farrington (accordion), Ralph Loomis (whistle, Northumbrian small pipes)

Geneseo String Band
Jim Kimball and Friends

The Great Bear Trio
Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar), Noah VanNorstrand (fiddle), Kim Yerton (piano)

Rebecca McCallum (fiddle), Jane Knoeck (piano, accordion), CW Abbott (mandolin, guitar), Mark Hellenberg (percussion)

Happy Endings
Jane Knoeck (piano), Eileen (Nicholson) Kalfass (fiddle), Rachel Bell (accordion)

Jessi Howard Gang
Howard Blumenthal and friends

Kitchen Chair
Jennifer Dotson and Gail Blake

Mad Goat String Band
Peter Fraissinet (fiddle), Joe Hayward (banjo), Marianne Marsh (guitar), Tom Ruscitti, (mandolin), and Nancy Spero (bass)

Miss Marty and SGB
Marty Blodgett, Charlie Mayer, Tod Sukontarak, Jess Youngquest

Jane Knoeck (piano, accordion), Rachel Bell (accordion, flute), Tom Santarsiero (guitar, mandolin, banjo)

Notes Inégales
Andrea Katz (fiddle), Ethan Jodziewicz (guitar), Michael Ludgate (mandolin)

Tim Ball (fiddle), Michael Ludgate (mandolin), Phil Robinson (guitar)

Over and Under
Roger Cass, Jack DeVuyst, and Friends

Mark Dumont (flute), Chris Degolyer (piano), Jeff Folkins (hammered dulcimer, concertina, bodhran), Jane Knoeck (piano)

Rakes of Rochester
Roger Cass (piano), Sue Duvall (violin), Bill Hulfish (whistles), Mary Fraser (cello)

Rochester English Country Dance Ensemble
Lisa Hoffman, Pat Hanley, Chris DeGolyer, Fred Filbrich, and Dick Bolt

Eileen (Nicholson) Kalfass (fiddle), Rachel Bell (accordion), Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar)

Salt Potatoes
Tom Fay (fiddle), Ted Curtis (fiddle, mandolin, guitar), Harvey Nusbaum (guitar, banjo), Bob Elfenbein (fiddle, guitar, bass)

Barb Seppeler (piano), Laurie Williams (flute)

Chuck Abell (guitar), Tim Ball (fiddle), Eric Metzger (percussion)

Wildroot String Band
Tom Owens, Michelle Burack, Dave Frenzel, Bruce Brown