Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve never danced before. How will I know what to do?
The caller goes through each dance before we do it. The caller also calls dances appropriate for the experience level of the crowd. If you come a bit early (between 6:30 and 7:00) and ask for a “beginners welcome workshop,” our callers are always willing to give you some how-to tips. In the half hour before the dance, you can learn a lot.

What if I make a mistake?
Not to worry  — everyone makes mistakes, including the most experienced of dancers. Most people learn quickly, and we are a friendly bunch and are not bothered by mistakes.  The most important thing is to have fun, so just relax and dance. As you gain experience you’ll probably learn how to make the most of your mistakes!

Can I come by myself?
Most people do. It’s customary to get a new partner for each dance. You are encouraged to ask anyone to dance — ask people who look like they know what they are doing and they’ll guide you through the dance. It’s also fine to come with a partner if you wish.

What is the structure of a dance event?
Saturday night dances typically start at 7:00 PM and go until 10:00. There is break about half-way through for snacks and conversation. The band frequently plays a waltz as a last dance before the break and another waltz as the last dance of the night.

How can I find out about last-minute changes?
Join our email list (below on the right) and you’ll be sent a weekly reminder. Occasionally, we have to change our previously printed schedule and the email list is the easiest way to find out about it. We also try to post any changes on this website.

Why are the dances held in different locations?
Most of our dances are held at the United Church of Fayetteville, but it is not available every night we dance. Madison Hall, where we dance on some special occasions, is a great place to dance. We also sometimes dance in other places as needed and for fun. Our schedule will always alert you when the dance is not in our regular location in Fayetteville.

Who brings the snacks?
Usually the dancers, but sometimes the caller or band members. Don’t see snacks that you like? All snacks are welcome and gratefully eaten, so feel free to bring some!

How much is admission?
We have different recommended rates of admission, so that you can choose what works best for you. In late October, 2015, we raised these rates for the first time in years in order to keep up with rising costs. However, we did not increase the “limited income” rate. The new rates reduce the number of one-dollar bills you have to fuss with.

$10 Regular admission.
$15 + Supporter rate, for those who can afford to pay more and want to give extra support for this activity that they love.
$5 Seniors, students, and others with limited income.
Pay what you can. Everyone is always welcome regardless of their ability to pay.

Why are there all these different rates?
We want everyone to know that they are always welcome at our dances, period.  And… We encourage everyone to support our dances to the extent they can, so that we can continue to hold them. This support can come through paying any rate of admission, bringing snacks, or by volunteering (see below). Our suggested admission rates are mostly to simplify the process when you walk in the door.

Where does the admission money go?
Not to the organizers, who are all volunteers. All the money collected is used to pay expenses: the musicians, the caller, rent for the hall, new sound equipment as needed, and a few miscellaneous expenses like copying and hosting for the website.

Who gets paid?
The caller and the musicians get paid, although usually much less than they are worth! They love playing for our dances, and are generous with their time, so we hope that you will be generous with your applause as well as donating when you can. We also pay a fee to use the space. No one else gets paid.

So the people cleaning the kitchen and putting away chairs are not paid?
Yes, that’s right. We are all volunteers who would love your help. Feel free to join us.

How can I help with all the work that goes into putting on these dances?
We enjoy the work, but we appreciate all the help we get! Email Patty, our volunteer coordinator to volunteer.

The sound system looks like fun. Can I help with it?
The sound system is set up and run by volunteers. If you are interested in learning how, either email Bob Nicholson or ask at a dance. We’re always looking for people to help.