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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our organization.

What is Contra Dancing? What is English Country Dancing?
A brief description. To really find out, come to our dances!

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Our Parent Organization: CDSS
Learn more about the Country Dance and Song Society.

Contact Information
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About Syracuse Country Dancers
We are an all-volunteer organization that puts on contra dances and English country dances in the Syracuse area. The following people currently serve on our governing board.

Patty Pack: president
David Smukler: vice president
Emily Harcourt: secretary
Carmen Giunta: treasurer
Phil Eisenman, Eileen Kalfass, Bob Nicholson, Laurel Sharp and Jennifer Staples: members at large

About Our Website
Our website was redesigned by Paul Morris in February of 2012.  It runs on WordPress using a customized Twenty Eleven theme.  Its contents have been generated by our board members. See our Contact Information page to contact our webmaster for any reason.