COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols

We recognize that significant disagreements remain about what COVID-19 policies make sense for dancing. We have had feedback from some dancers wishing we were less restrictive and from others wishing we were more. Our approach since re-starting the dances in the spring of 2022 has been to slowly relax restrictions. So far, we have not heard of instances where COVID was spread at one of our dances, but it is certainly possible that this will change, in which case we might choose to tighten restrictions again.

Community Risk Level… Will there be a dance? We continue to monitor community risk levels as determined by the CDC on their three tiered system. HOWEVER, we no longer cancel dances when risk level is rated as “high.” If the dance is scheduled, you can expect there to be dancing.

Common Sense Self-Wellness Check: Please stay home if you are not feeling well on the day of the dance. We also request that, if you become ill and/or test positive for COVID within 7 days of a dance you attended, you send us an email at 

Vaccination and Booster: Proof of full vaccination and (if eligible) booster shot is required. “Full vaccination” means you have received 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or one dose of the J&J vaccine. We accept either the white CDC-issued card or a NYS Excelsior Pass. You may bring documentation with you to the dance or email a good-quality scan in advance to our email at

Masks: Our current policy regarding face coverings is linked to the CDC ratings of Onondaga county’s risk level.
– When the rating is “high,” masks are required.
– When the rating is “medium,” masks are strongly recommended but optional.
– When the rating is “low,” masks are optional.
No matter what the rating is, we would encourage any dancer to wear a high-quality mask if they live or work with vulnerable people, or if doing so would make them feel more comfortable. If in doubt, bring a mask! (We have masks available if you forget.)

Air Circulation: At least one window will be open and a fan will be running. If the weather is cold, dress in layers!

Contact Information: When you attend one of our dances, we collect your email address and phone number. Then, if we learn that an attendee has become ill, we can contact you so you will know that you might have been exposed.

NOTE: When we collect your vaccination and contact information for a dance, we will save it (unless you specifically request that we do not) so that you will not need to provide it for future dances. We would still ask that you update us at future dances if any information changes. 

These protocols were put in place November 2022. They will be updated as conditions change.

If you have any questions about our COVID protocols, please feel free to contact Jennifer at