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Please note: ALL registrations (including Early Birds) come with a money-back guarantee if we have to postpone or cancel the event.

Option 1: Early Bird Registration

We are again offering EARLY BIRD registration at a discount price of $45 for the entire weekend for those who register by August 30th. The early bird rate is only available for whole-weekend registrants.

Option 2: Preregistration at the Same Low Rate as the Last Several Years

The next option is to “pre-register,” which is available through October 11th. This option allows you to register for the whole weekend or for part of it (any combination of Friday evening, Saturday daytime, and Saturday evening). You still receive a discounted rate as compared to the price at the door.

Anyone registering in advance will get a Phylla Mae Fall Fest button similar to the one shown here, and the opportunity to order an on-site lunch for Saturday. The registration form also allows you to request or offer local hospitality, or add a donation.

Option 3: Paying at the Door

It is worth it to register in advance. Prices at the door are $25 per session (that is, for either evening dance, or Saturday from 9:30-6:00), or $70 for the entire weekend event. You’ll save money by pre-registering, and give the weekend a boost as well.


Putting together a dance weekend of this quality involves a variety of costs. To help us to pay for these, we welcome donations from those who love the music and dancing we offer, and can afford to donate. You can donate dollars, or donate by bringing refreshments, or donate your time as a volunteer. And while we set admission levels that allow us to make this event happen, we also always welcome dancers regardless of their ability to pay. If you have any questions about payment, feel free to email Carmen, our registrar.

To register by mail and pay by check

Simply print out this registration form and send it with your payment via good, old-fashioned U.S. mail.

To register online and pay with a credit card

Complete all the information in the secure form below, and click “Make Payment.” Please look for a receipt to be sent to the email address you enter. If you do not see one in your inbox, check your spam folder. If no receipt was delivered to either place, email Carmen, who will gladly send a receipt for any payment received.

Registration Info

If you check this box the discount will be subtracted automatically from your total due listed below.

Consider rounding up or otherwise donating to support the weekend. We designate you as a "supporter" if you donate $5 per session ($15 for the whole weekend).

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