The Phylla Mae Fall Fest

PMFF 2017 (October 20-21) will be here before you know it!

Gaye Fifer, our featured caller

Music by:
New Brew (Eileen Kalfass, Jane KnoeckTom Santarsiero)
Tim BallDavid KaynorMarko Packard

And much, much more

We will be posting additional info here soon. Meanwhile, to get a sense of the event, check out some of the pages from earlier years:


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About “Phylla Mae”

Phylla Mae was the “nom de dance” of Phyllis Antos — the name she always put on buttons or nametags at the many dance events she attended. Phyllis was one of the organizers who got our fall dance weekend off the ground in its first two years. After she was killed in a head-on collision on her way home from a clogging team rehearsal, our Board voted unanimously to name the weekend after her, since she loved it so much and worked so hard on it. Phyllis’s favorite contra dance was Delphiniums and Daisies by Tanya Rotenberg, and we often find a way to include it in the weekend.